Product details reference 480090


Siphonic channel for shower made entirely of stainless steel AISI304 and specially designed for vinyl flooring. It is manufactured with a screwed tray that acts as a clamping flange for the vinyl, fixing it much more firmly than if it were a perimeter flange. The fixing screws are hidden inside, making it more hygienic since it is not exposed to the passage of people and/or machines and, of course, much more aesthetic. Location of the exit to be determined. Incorporates removable trap WT75. It is made on request. Deadline to be specified. Flow capacity: 0.5 l/s.

Technical data:

"L" = Length
Measurements in mm


Perforated grating ref. Line

Trap ref. WT75

Grilles are available at no extra cost:

Grating ref. Lisa

Grating ref. Rellenable

Grating ref. 015


bowl horizontal waterproofing
Ref. CALD100H