Hidden surface water drainage

Seamless design
One-piece construction

Recyclable material
Stainless steel AISI304 and AISI316L or galvanized.

Comprehensive sustainability
Manufactured with clean energy and recyclable materials, the omega channel significantly reduces environmental impact.

Adaptable to the specific needs of each project, application (resin, pavers, tiles, etc.) and environment.

Designed to optimize water flow, it ensures fast and efficient evacuation of surface water, preventing flooding and infrastructure damage.

grating optional
To prevent dirt, plastics, leaves, etc. from entering the interior of the channel and, as a consequence, the sewage system.

Blind cover, blind cover with outlet Ø50 mm, siphon trap box, flange, gasket and union hardware.

Installation and maintenance

When installing on paved and/or tiled floors, it will be necessary to use a reactive epoxy adhesive (R) at the joints between the tile/tile and the Omega channel.

Example installation

Applications: resin, pavers, tiles, etc.

Technical drawing


H - Variable collar height: 30, 50 and 70 mm