Watertight drains made of AISI 304 and AISI 316L stainless steel designed for commercial and industrial use where strict hygiene and watertightness are required, such as in laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals...

They are adaptable to different types of flooring.

They are available with vertical and horizontal outlets, removable siphon to avoid odours or even small animals, fixed or adjustable heights and with different types and thickness of lids, easy to open by means of a handle, screws or suction cup.

EPDM seals guarantee their tightness, after being pressure tested in the factory, according to EN 1253.

Drains for industrial use, fixed and telescopic drains for tiled, resin or vinyl floors, with a high drainage capacity.with a great capacity of evacuation of liquids of liquids for water coming from cleaning, industrial equipment, emptying of tanks...

Square drains suitable for heavy loads.

Sizes: 150×150, 200×200, 250×250 and 300×300 cm.

Fixed and telescopic drains for tiled, resin or vinyl floors.
Suitable for pedestrian and heavy loads.
Sizes: 150×150, 200×200, Ø160 and Ø200 mm.

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