Shower channel Basic reference 490070


Siphonic drainage channel for showers made entirely of stainless steel AISI304. It incorporates an extra-flat 360° siphon made of ABS plastic with a 33×33 cm piece of thermo-welded fabric suitable for waterproofing and a hair catcher filter for easy cleaning. The siphon evacuation flow rate is 0.9 l/s.

The standard sizes: 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 cm include a 2×1.5 m SKY waterproofing fabric for complete waterproofing of the floor.

It is also manufactured in special lengths on requestfor spaces or projects with special requirements, spas, locker rooms, sport centers, etc.

Technical data:

References of standard measurements:

With grating
With grating perforated 015LengthWeight (kg)

Dimensions in mm


grating Reversible
(two finishes on the same grating: plate and refillable)

360ST Siphon

Top piece of the trap with pre-marked fold to bend and adapt to wall-standing facilities

Waterproofing Fabric 2×1,5 m (2×1,5 m)


grating perforated 015

Non-siphoned 90º extra-flat elbow

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