Gutter specially designed for the evacuation of water in large areas, such as slaughterhouses, dairies, fishmongers, breweries, etc... Manufactured in 1.5/2 mm thick stainless steel, in AISI 304 and/or AISI 316L qualities.

It has a high resistance to the passage of heavy loads due to its small contact surface. To avoid deformations, the perfil is filled with epoxy resin. It also incorporates rods that stabilise the channel.

Its V-shaped design facilitates water drainage.

There is the possibility of manufacturing in different sections and heights, with an incorporated slope towards the drainage point, where siphon outlets can be located, with a removable siphon and a basket for collecting solids, according to requirements.

For ease of assembly, they are supplied with EPDM sealing gaskets between trunking sections and, on request, anchoring elements and levelling feet can be added.