CAINOX offers manhole covers made of stainless steel, galvanised steel and aluminium where technology, aesthetics and performance combine to meet the needs of all types of projects.

Fast, safe and cost-effective access in underground utilities and installation, wide variety of applications in indoor and outdoor projects: residential houses, gardens, courtyards, landscaping, pedestrian areas, transportation, car parks, shopping centres, buildings of all types, factories, service stations...


Unobtrusive installation on a wide variety of finishes: hard floors such as concrete, decorative flooring (stone, marble, granite, etc.), tiles (ceramic, terrazzo, etc.), resin floors and other surfaces.



  • Solid (plate and anti-slip) and tileable options.

  • Available in galvanised steel, high quality stainless steel or high grade aluminium (AIMg3).

  • Laser-cut and welded components to ensure a precise fit.

  • The design of the covers allows for quick and easy removal of the frame.

  • Watertightness guaranteed by neoprene gaskets.

  • Loads A15 - B125. Higher loads also available on request. Thicknesses of 3 mm (A15-C250) and 6 mm (D400) provide added strength and stiffness.

  • Load types tested according to European Standard EN 124 by recognised institutions.

Stainless steel manhole covers

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