Product details reference TR22AH (horizontal outlet) and TR22AV (vertical outlet)


Triangular siphonic drain with grating plate made of AISI304 stainless steel, specially designed for corners. Polypropylene body and fully removable siphon. Incorporates bowl of polypropylene and flange for waterproofing with SKY fabric, also included. The upper part is telescopic, i.e. the height can be easily adjusted to fit the final floor from 90 to 145 mm thanks to the pre-marked grooves that facilitate cutting. Drainageflow rate : 0.8 l/s.

1. grating plate

2. Trap

3. Stainless steel frame.

4. membrane SKY

5. Flange

6. EPDM gasket

7. Bowl

8. H/H coupling sleeve for connection to any Ø50 mm pipe.

Technical data:


Horizontal bowl Ref. CALD100H

Waterproofing membrane 2 x 1,5 m

Connecting sleeve ref. MANGUITO


Vertical bowl Ref. CALD101V