Product: Medium Capacity Watertight Drains

Date: May 2018

IFC (now Cantabria Labs Spain), a pharmaceutical laboratory with distribution in more than 80 countries, is the leading company in dermatological prescriptions in Spain. Awarded on numerous occasions and considered one of the three laboratories with the best reputation in Spain in 2018 within the health and skin care products sector, it is always committed to innovation, with its production centres achieving the highest quality standards in the manufacture of its products. Following in this same line, CAINOX® medium capacity watertight drains have been chosen to be installed in the construction of its new plant in La Concha de Villaescusa, all of them siphonic and with rounded body to avoid any accumulation of residues, bacteria and bad smells, guaranteeing the maximum hygiene that characterizes its production processes. All these drains are manufactured according to a demanding hygienic design in accordance with the recommendations of the EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group).

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