Sicker 150×150 mm with vertical outlet Ø50
Ref. CAI150MCVA2050L15

Drain 150×150 mm with vertical outlet Ø75
Ref. CAI150MCVA2075L15

150×150 mm drain with vertical outlet Ø110
Ref. CAI150MCVA2110L15


Medium capacity telescopic 150×150 mm drains for concrete and tiled floors, with verticaloutlet Ø50, Ø75 or Ø110 mm. With two rounded bodies that can be adjusted in height, according to the needs of the work, to fit the final floor. The lower body incorporates a flange and screws for waterproofing with waterproofing fabric or membrane. In the case of liquid waterproofing, it is not necessary to install the clamping flange. The drain is siphonic, including filter and grating load class L, all removable. The filter can be used in drains with or without removable siphon.

Manufactured from AISI 304 or 316L stainless steel.
Pickled finish.

Evacuation flow rate: 1.7 l/s

Type of grating:


Perforated Class L


1. Reja

2. Filter

3. Sifon

4. Upper body

5. Panchor and levelling bolts

6. Board

7. Flange

8. Certical outlet body

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