Black finish
The treatment that provides the black color is known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). It is a coating method that consists of depositing thin films of different evaporated materials on the stainless steel surface of the drain. The coatings are ceramic, withstand high temperatures and good resistance to corrosion, impact and abrasion. They are also impermeable to ultraviolet degradation, do not fade and are very harsh in acidic, alkaline and salt bath environments, nor are they damaged by chemical and cleaning products. Dangerous by-products are not used so the PVD system is ecological and environmentally friendly.

Product details reference TB151N


150×150 mm drain with siphonic body made of polypropylene, fully removable for easy cleaning, vertical outlet Ø50 mm. Frame and grating in AISI 304 stainless steel finished in black. Includes non-return valve and union sleeve.


AISI 304 stainless steel frame and grating .
Polypropylene siphon body.
Ø50 mm vertical outlet.

Flow capacity: 0.5 l/s

1. grating stainless steel 15×15

2. Anti-odor cover

3. Removable non-return valve

4. Trap

5. Stainless steel frame

6. Bottom

7. H/H coupling sleeve for connection to any Ø50 mm pipe.

Technical data:

Dimensions in mm


Connecting sleeve ref. MANGUITO